Which Of These 4 Types Of Drunks Are You?

Teenage girls drinking alcohol together

What are you like when you’re drunk? Are you the super-happy-snuggle-everyone kind like me? Or the, OMG-I-can’t-stop-saying-the-damndest-things type? Or maybe you’re the Get-me-out-of-here-because-the-floor-is-spinning-and-I’m-going-to-pass-out type. Science has now created a way to predict precisely what type of drunk you are. Researchers from the University of Missouri psychology department recently published a study in Addiction Research &… Read more »

7 Ways To Get A Date On Facebook And Twitter

how to get a date on faceboko twitter

Facebook and Twitter have taken over the online dating scene. While many use dating apps like Tinder, and dating websites like Elite Singles, you’re far more likely to get a good date (important word there, a “Good date”) from Twitter and Facebook. And let’s be honest, a lot of the people who populate online dating… Read more »

10 Second Way To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

how to tell if someone is lying to you

Lies are a way of life. From the time we can talk we start to tell lies. “Did you have candy before your dinner?” “No mum”. How many times did we all have that conversation, and how many times did we all lie? Obviously not all lies truly matter. If you tell your girlfriend or… Read more »

18 Youtube Comments So Funny Your Face Will Hurt

funny youtube comments

Sometimes Youtube comments are so funny that your fact hurts. You sit there watching a video. You get bored for a couple of seconds so you scroll down. And there they are. Comments so ridiculous, outrageous, and just plain hilarious, that you burst into laughter and you don’t stop until you practically pass out. Here… Read more »

10 Things That Will Make Your Life Suck If You Let Them


Keep asking yourself “Why does my life suck?” There are ten likely culprits of why your life sucks. Read through the following ten reasons why life sucks and ask yourself which are true for you. Once you have determined why you life is so sucky you’ll be able to make the neccessary adjustments to make… Read more »

Casual Things Guys Should Say To Get To Know A Girl

casual things to say to a girl

  What to Say  So you want to know what good questions to ask a girl to get to know her? And I’m guessing you have probably searched online for a lot of different advice about getting women, right?  And all that advice is now sitting in your head, doing little more than confusing you, right? Probably… Read more »

Scientific Proof That Money Is The Root Of All Evil

money is the root of all evil

Here’s a graph showing the relationship between money and evil… It;s said that money is evil and that money is the route of all evil. But is that really true? I used to believe so, but then I had a spark of realisation.  Money is Evil — Is Money The Route of All Evil? For… Read more »

Ten Things Health Websites Need To Shut Up About

  1: The Quick Fix “Eat this and you’ll lose 300lbs in 1 month.” Bullshit. Sorry, folks, but there are no quick fixes to your health. The only reason companies tell you they have a “quick fix” is to make money. It never works. Health = health living. Period. 2: Meditation Meditation has been scientifically… Read more »

These Facts About Online Harrassment Will Make You Sick

online cyber harrassment

Recent research conducted by Pew Research has revealed shocking new facts about online harassment. According to the research 73% of adult internet users have experienced harassment online at some point in their life, with 40% being the actual victim of it.   Research identified six different types of online harassment:- 60% of internet users have… Read more »

Funny How Communications Technology Destroyed Communication…

Full length of young men and women holding cellphone

A good portion of my teenage life was spent on the same daily routine. Wake up. Go to school. Get home. Play video games. Check the internet. Go to bed. Rinse. Repeat. My interpersonal communication was conducted through a combination of the grunts I gave in response to my parents’ questions, and online chat. That… Read more »

Why You’re Better Off Alone Than With Someone Who Cheats

why youre better alone than with a cheat

No one deserves to be cheated on. And there is never an excuse for cheating. Sure, some people might say “There were relationship problems” or “I was feeling unloved.” So what? Deal with the relationship problems or end the relationship. Period. That’s the way relationships would work in an ideal world. But hell, this world… Read more »

10 Great Dating Wesbites For Spiritual Relationships


Nothing in the world is more important than love, and love is never stronger than when it is formed of a spiritual bond. Thankfully, there are many excellent spiritual dating websites in the world that will help you to find your spiritual soulmate. We are proud to present our pick of the top ten spiritual… Read more »

A Killer Guide To The Art Of Self Branding

how to design yourself to atract anyone

Seven seconds. That’s how long it takes to form a first impression. And once first impressions have been formed they are near impossible to change. Seven seconds. You either get those first seven seconds, that first impression, right, or it’s curtains. Thankfully, you’re 100% in control of the impression you make on someone. You’re a… Read more »