1. 1: Guidelines for Professional Book Reviews is a specialist book review site for self published or independently published books. We provide professional book review for books which have been published through the efforts and payments of the book’s authors. If you, as author, have financed the publication of the book in any way, your book qualifies  for review. reviews books of all genres and both fiction and non fiction. We review e-books, on-demand books and print books of all formats, published in English, regardless of the language in which the original book was published. We do also review books pre-publication, at the manuscript stage.


 2: Choose Your Book Review Options


Choose the type of review you require; a Standard Review ($350 for reviews completed within six weeks of submission) or Fast Track Review ($450 for book reviews to be completed within four weeks of submission). Be certain to read through our policies and to determine whether you will be submitting the book in print format or uploading as a PDF.


3: GO! Complete Your Details and Submit For Review


When you place your order you will be able to add additional details related to your book or its author. You may use this space to provide extra details about your work. You will also be guided through the process of submitting your book in physical form, or uploading you book as a PDF.



4: Your Completed Book Review


Your book will be reviewed and we will contact you on completion. You may then choose to have your review sent to you privately, or to have the review published on and corresponding social networks. Publishing on and corresponding social networks presents free advertising for both the author and the book, with many reviews being read by thousands of readers, including publishers and agents.



The parties agrees to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Non Refund: amounts paid to by The Author shall be non refundable under any circumstances once received by ARoleModel.
  2. Obligation: is under no obligation to prodice a review to The Author. However, in the event that ARoleModel fails to produce a review, all refunds paid by the Author shall be refunded and copies of the book shall be returned to the author.
  3. Non-Cancellable: Once submitted, orders to ARoleModel cannot be cancelled for any reason by the Author.
  4. Timing: Standard reviews will be completed within six weeks of submission. Fast Track reviews shall be completed within six weeks of submission.
  5. Posting: ARoleModel will post reviews not within ten days of returning the review to the Author, unless the Author specifically states that reviews may be posted earlier. At any time the Author may request that ARoleModel remove publication of the review. This shall be completed within 14 days of request.
  6. Fees: The fee for Standard Review is $350 per title. The fee for Fast Track review is $450 per title.
  7. Ownership of Books and Manuscripts: The Author acknowledges that all copies of books and manuscripts submitted to become the property of ARoleModel.
  8. Outcome: The Author accepts that all reviews are unbiased and objective. ARoleModel disclaims all warranties, express or implied, or guarantees and assurances relating to the outcome of reviews.
  9. Annoymous Reviewer: The Author will not be entitled to know the identity of the reviewer at any time nor for any reason. It is through anonymity that ARoleModel maintains the integrity of the review process. The Author may not request a specific reviewer for the book or manuscript submitted.
  10. Authority: You acknowledge that you are the sole author of the book or manuscript, or that you have the express permission of the author / authors to represent the work in question.
  11. Indemnity: You expressly release and affiliates and employees and reviewers and agree to indemnify, defend and hold them harmless from any and all liabilities, damages, losses, claims, costs and fees relating to the review.


By purchasing this review you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all terms and conditions as stated above. 



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