About Arolemodel.com

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Arolemodel.com aims to create the bridge between philosophy, self help, positivity and other studies of emotions and the mind and contemporary life and culture. It is the firm belief of arolemodel.com that the realms of self help, philosophy, positivity and studies of the mind hold great insights and advice that is beneficial to all people. And yet these great benefits are being kept from the mainstream. It is the mission of Arolemodel.com to bring those great tools and beliefs and, most importantly, attitudes of the fields of self help right to the heart of contemporary life.

The benefits of Arolemodel.com

— Takes the great lessons of self help, religion and philosophy and puts them right at the heart of contemporary culture.

— Written by author and journalist Paul Harrison, article on Arolemodel.com are written with a clarity of thought and a depth of knowledge that makes even the most complex ideas read like your ABCs!

— Arolemodel.com will explain the success of celebrities and other public figures in a manner no one else has: by examining their philosophies and attitudes to show how the beliefs of public figures led to the lives we all know so well.

— Arolemodel.com will soon host a large list of rolemodels with which you can find a public figure who embodies the traits and philosophies you respect the most. These figures can then serve as your personal role models when you are in need of guidance or inspiration!

— Paul Harrison has been reading and practicing all the best self help exercises for over ten years…. and yet….

— Paul Harrison is still human and known to rage from time to time! That’s right; he’s no guru; he’s not Dr Phil; he’s just like you! And that means he delivers the info you need to now in with clarity (unlike certain neurophysicists! Grrrrrrr!)

Who is this written for…?

— Anyone interested in the mind

— Scientists, Psychologists and self-help gurus needing to come back down to Earth

—  Earthlings wishing to aim for the stars!

What is arolemodel.com really about…? It’s about those articles you see all around! Go read them! Now! Stop asking what it’s all about, go read and find out. And then.. THEN… go and live your life with the passion of the stars!


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