Body Language in different cultures

Italian Body Language


  • Italians hold their hands high in order to hold the floor in a conversation
  • Italians will touch on the arm to stop another person from taking the floor.
  • Italians touch a lot while talking
  • Maintain Eye contact while talking
  • To beckon, raise your forefinger and make eye contact
  • Italians use their arms and bodies when talking

  • body-language-cultures-chineseChinese Body Language
  • One of the biggest changes in body language in different cultures occurs between USA / UK and China
  • Clicking fingers or whistling is considered rude
  • Do not put your feet on a desk or chair
  • Do not blow your nose in a handkerchief and put it back in your pocket
  • The Chinese don’t like to be touched by strangers.
  • Do not indicate a person with your index finger. Beckon by holding your palm out flat and scratching your fingers backwards.
  • Point with an open hand.

body-language-cultures-russianRussian Body Language

  • Russians use a lot of physical contact in communication including hugs, kisses, backslapping and more between members of the same sex.
  • The “OK” sign is considered rude inRussia, as is putting your thumb through your index and middle fingers.
  • Russians stand close when talking



body-language-cultures-south-koreanSouth Korean Body Language

  • Eye contact between senior and junior businesspeople should be avoided
  • When beckoning someone, extend your arm with the palm down and move your fingers in a scratching motion.
  • Always keep your feet on the floor
  • Always pass and receive objects with the right hand
  • To be touched by someone you are not close to is considered an insult.

body-language-cultures-australianAustralian Body Language

  • “V” signs are considered very rude
  • To beckon use a quiet hand motion
  • It is rude to wink at women
  • Cover your mouth and excuse yourself when yawning.






body-lagnuage-cultures-mexicanMexican Body Language

Standing with hands on hips signifies anger and standing with hands in pockets is considered rude.

Mexicans stand near one another when talking.

Maxicans hold gestures like handshakes longer than Americans and Brits.


japanese-body-languageJapanese Body Language

Another big change in body language in different cultures occurs between USA / UK and China

  • Do not show affection in public
  • Do not beckon with your forefinger but rather extend your right arm in fron, bending the wrist down, waving fingers.
  • Waving your hand back and forth in front of the face means no.
  • Do not wave with four fingers spread and the thumb held in
  • Nod to show you are listening and understanding.
  • Prolonged eye contact is considered rude
  • Moments of silence are considered normal.








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