Body Language Tips to Improve Communication Skills

On this page I’ll be discussing some simple body language tips to go from negative body language to positive body language in order to improve communication skills.


The Negative Attitudes We See in Body Language

There are a few really negative impressions that are body language can create. The most common are:

Depressive: Our body language can make us look depressed when: a) we hold our head low, looking at the ground, b) we fold our arms, c) there is a general lack of energy in our body, d) when we are slumped over with bad posture.

Angry: We can appear angry when we: a) push our chin forward, b) glare at people. C) hold our fists clenched, d) push our chest forward

Anti-Social: We appear anti-social and withdrawn when: a) we refuse to look at people, b) we tuck our feet under chairs, c) we fold or arms, d) we turn our bodies away from people

Weak: We can appear weak when we: a) smile too often, b) fidget, c) continually adjust our clothing, d) other fidgeting and fiddling

All of these four attitudes and moods are very negative and will ruin your effective communication skills. To avoid all these negative impressions and create a much stronger and more pleasing image, make use of these body language tips. . .

Body Language Tips to Improve Communication Skills

  • Hold your head neutrally (not down or up)
  • Hold arms relaxed at your side
  • Have energy
  • Maintain good posture and stand tall
  • Relax your chin and do not push it forward
  • Hold your feet so they are in the scene (not hidden away under a table or chair)
  • Look people in the eye but do not glare
  • Hold your body facing the other person (though not directly head-on, as that can create feelings of confrontation)
  • Smile but not too often
  • Do not fidget or fiddle
  • Do not adjust your clothing often


These body language tips are simple, yet by sticking to them you will make sure you do not give a negative impression. These tips will give you a decent basic body language to make sure you look positively, friendly and confident.


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