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As a supplement to’s body language course, we cover the best examlples of good body language. Examples from TV, movies, games, politics etc.

There Really Isn’t A Big Gap Between Lonely And Popular

body language tips that make you popular

Author: Paul Harrison Matt Jameson, a self proclaimed “Lonely Loser” transformed himself into “Mr Popular” with just a few minor changes to his body language. Here’s his story. Before I get this post underway I’d like to say a massive thank you to my good friend Matt Jameson. He’s agreed to share his personal story… Read more »

Effective Communication in Business: Top 10 Tips


Effective communication in business is essential no matter what line of work you are in. The more effectively you are able to communicate with other members of the team (or, if you work alone, with customers or whomever else you communicate with) the more effective your working day will be. Not to mention the fact… Read more »

How to read the Body Language of Women – Signs She is Interested

Understanding how to read the body language of women and being aware of the signs that she is interested will greatly increase your dating success. In the offline world the importance of body language cannot be underestimated, but it’s equally important online too, specifically when dating online via webcam. There are many excellent webcam dating… Read more »

Body Language Gestures — The Most Common Gestures

[imagebrowser id=7] Body Language Gestures — The Most Common Gestures The following is a transcript of the presentation above Chair straddling body language This stance is both protective (the chair protects them) and dominant (because they taking up lots of space). Someon adopting the chair straddling position wants to dominate the conversation Hand behind head… Read more »

George Clooney’s Body Language Show’s Self Obsession

You don’t want to look like a self obsessed narcissist like George Clooney, right? Make sure you’re not making these famous George Clooney body language mistakes. For today’s body language example we’re looking at George Clooney, who is reported to be breaking up with Stacy Kiebler. Not to be too judgmental, but the general public… Read more »

9 New Styles of Sitting We’ve Acquired from Tech

Tech is evolving the way we sit, and probably not for the better.    Every day we sit at a desk which has been designed not for ourselves, but for a computer. Computers are expensive. We place them perfectly on the desk, allowing for their wires and accessories. Then we lazily plunk ourselves down on… Read more »

The Best Body Language Websites for 2013 — A Role Model Awards

Welcome to the ARoleModel awards for best body language website. Ten websites have been awarded the “A Role Model” award. These ten sites have helped thousands of people to learn body language and has made a significant contribution to the online community.  ARoleModel is proud to present the following ten websites with the A Role… Read more »

Body Language Tips to Improve Communication Skills

On this page I’ll be discussing some simple body language tips to go from negative body language to positive body language in order to improve communication skills.   The Negative Attitudes We See in Body Language There are a few really negative impressions that are body language can create. The most common are: Depressive: Our… Read more »

Body Language Pictures — Pictures of Body Language Gestures and Types

Click these  body language pictures for in-depth details of each.  Or you can check out the 100% free comprehensive body language guide. Body Language Pictures / Highlights from the Body Language Course Happy Body Language: Learn how to use happy body language to present yourself as a positive and happy person. Learn happy body language here. … Read more »

Body Language Gestures–How to be good at public speaking

 ‘This excellent video shows the practice for using good body language gestures. This is immensely helpful when learning how to be good at public speaking. The video below comes from Toastmasters. It covers many of the most important points about body language gestures that you should be aware of when learning how to be good… Read more »

Good Body language Quotes

    There’s language in her eye, her cheek, her lip, Nay, her foot speaks; her wanton spirits look out At every joint and motive of her body. – William Shakespeare     Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave… Read more »

Bad Body Language Example — Dog

Here’s another funny bad body language example of an animal impersonating a human. Here this dog is showing lazy body language as he’s lounging on the chair. If you’re interested, learn about human body language here or dog body language here.   Bad Body Language Examples — Dog 1               2        … Read more »

Bad Body Language Example — Cat

This bad body language example is hilarious. It’s also interesting how much a cat’s body language can resemble our own. Read more on human body language here or cat body language here.  Bad Body Language Cat 1               2              3           4      … Read more »

Bad Body Language Example Andy Murray

Here’s a bad body language example from Andy Murray. In this photo, Murray is showing sheer desperation and frustration. This isn’t the face of man who thinks he can win. If you’d like to know more about bad body language examples, check out our 100% free guide to bad body language Bad Body Language Example… Read more »

Funny Body Language 1 — Body Language Course Joke

    This is an example of some truly bad and funny body language. To learn good body language, read our online Body Language course.  Funny Body Language 1                                 And here is the funniest body language sketch of all time.     … Read more »

Bad Body Language Example

This is a brilliant bad body language example as it shows so many great body language gestures. Essentially, the guy and girl are currently disinterested in each other. the guy is blaming the girl for something (thumb gesture). He’s also showing a desire to get away (his knee is pointing away). He’s feeling somewhat insecure… Read more »

Quotes about Body Image

   About Body Image    Eating is not a crime. It’s not a moral issue. It’s normal. It’s enjoyable. It just is. ~ Carrie Arnold Dieting is to overeating what caffeine is to chronic insomnia. ~ EatWhatYouLove   How much free space would you have if you stopped being negative and/or obsessing about your body… Read more »

Examples of Friendly Body Language


Be sure to make use of these friendly body language pointers today. By becoming aware of the negative areas of our image and adopting more friendly body language, we can present an open, likeable and approachable side of ourselves that will give people a new, altogether more positive opinion of us.

James Bond Body Language

What is it about James Bond’s body language that makes him so damned irresistible to women and so respected among men?