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Our communication skills articles cover all aspects of communication — from body language to voice tone — so you can have effective communication skills ni business and relationships

Simple Hacks That Make People Think You’re Highly Intelligent

how to make people think youre smart

One of the questions I’m asked most by my readers is about how to sound intelligent and how to look intelligent. We all want to seem smart. Clever people are generally more highly respected, and are often popular because people want to talk to them. Plus they get great jobs and generally do well in life. In… Read more »

How to have Effective Communication Skills in the Office


 Violent Communication: How NOT to have effective communication skills Violent communication is the realm of judgments, blame, “right and wrong” and a sense of “You VS Me.” To give an example of violent communication, imagine you’re working in the office when it turns out that the team forgot to send out an extremely important document. Obviously,… Read more »

How Smart People Have Successful Relationships

cat with bad posture

  1)      The Consummate Art of Shutting the F**k Up Me me me. . . that’s how many people think. Everyone loves to speak, but few people like to listen. And this ends up with everyone being frustrated: because everyone is talking and no one is listening to them. As soon as you actually shut… Read more »

Revitalise Your Business By Planning Your Communications


In this part of our course on how to have effective communication skills we’ll be talking about communications planning.  Planning is important in various aspects of communication. Of course, it is important in sending important letters and documents and in giving corporate presentations, but it can likewise be important in social situations when you really… Read more »

Questioning Techniques That Force The Truth Out Of Them


In this part of our online communications skills course we’ll be looking at questioning technique. If you want to get the right information out of people, you have give them the right information to begin with. Finding the right questioning technique when communicating involves understanding what information you’re giving to someone when you ask them the… Read more »

This Psychological Hack Will Make People Work Hard For You

How to motivate people to work harder

Purdue University Professor Alan H Monroe created a theory for delivering speeches that will yield the best results. The theory is called Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. It is a time-proven and very popular method for organising presentations. The theory can be used for all manner of situations in order to make your communications impactful and to… Read more »

How To Have Great Relationships In The Workplace

how to have great workplace relationships

People who have good relationships at work are seven times likelier to be motivated in their jobs, according to the Gallup Organisation. If you want to truly feel engaged with your work, you need to know how to have good workplace relationships. In this article we’ll look at the keys to how to have good… Read more »

How to Make a Good First Impression on Someone


  In this guide to how to make a good first impression on someone we’ll be covering many aspects of communication. First impressions are important. Some say first impressions are the only impressions. This is true to a degree. It is very difficult to change someone’s opinion of you after they make their first impression…. Read more »

Effective Communication in Business: Top 10 Tips


Effective communication in business is essential no matter what line of work you are in. The more effectively you are able to communicate with other members of the team (or, if you work alone, with customers or whomever else you communicate with) the more effective your working day will be. Not to mention the fact… Read more »

Three Body Language Exercises to Improve Communication Skills


With these three body language exercises you’ll achieve excellent communication skills. BODY LANGUAGE EXERCISE 1: The Tip of the Tongue The Teeth The Lips Have you heard of this one? Probably. It’s a classic exercise for verbal communication skills. You basically just say The tip of the tongue, the teeth, the lips over and over.  Sounds… Read more »

Online Communication Skills Test

Our free online communication skills test will ask questions about every aspect of your communication skills, testing your listening skills, your writing skills and more. Ask yourselves the questions and then read the answer beneath each to discover your strengths and weaknesses in communication. Explanations for Communication Skills Test  Questions and Answers Communication Skills Test Statement… Read more »

Bad Communication Skills Examples — AKA “How to not be an idiot”

Even the best communication skills can be spoiled by these parasitic grunts. Let’s be done with these bad communication skills once and for all. Let’s choose to sound and act intelligently and politely; doing so will cut the fat from our conversation, leaving a lean linguistic cuisine which our company is certain to savour.

How to have good communication skills: Basics

When it comes to learning how to have good communication skills you first need to understand precisely what good communication is all about. Communication is essentially about sending your message clearly and effectively. Doing so is a two way street. The person sending the message needs to send the message clearly and the person receiving… Read more »

How to Communicate Clearly, Concisely and Effectively

Business executive discussing with her client

In order to have good communications skills you need to know how to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively. A large portion of every day of our lives will be spend communicating. We write letters, send emails, talk, Instant Message and so on. What better way, then, to improve our productivity and save time than by… Read more »

How to Have Effective Communication Skills in a Relationship

Learning how to have effective communication skills in a relationship will greatly help you to get along with your partner and to avoid arguments, and all it takes is a little practice. In this article we interview Relationships Consultant Dana Thorton to discuss how to have effective communication skills in a relationship. “Communication skills are… Read more »

How to Improve Business Communication Skills through Storytelling

Perhaps the best way how to improve business communication skills is by understanding the magic of storytelling. We have all been fascinated by stories, whether it’s at the movies, in a book or at the theatre. Stories are more than just entertainment, however. We are gripped by stories each and every day. Think about the… Read more »

How to Improve Communication Skills Easily and Effectively

 Want to know an effective way how to improve communication skills in just ten minutes? Then this tip is for you. This is a tip that I learned from an effective communication skills training course I was on a couple of years ago. This simple tip for how to improve communication skills involves putting your… Read more »

Body Language Tips to Improve Communication Skills

On this page I’ll be discussing some simple body language tips to go from negative body language to positive body language in order to improve communication skills.   The Negative Attitudes We See in Body Language There are a few really negative impressions that are body language can create. The most common are: Depressive: Our… Read more »

Positive Body Language — Because You’re Worth It!


Spend five minutes learning the keys to positive body language and you will empower your life and leave yourself feeling beautiful and successful.  How to look good and empower your life with positive body language Have you ever wondered why some people seem successful to you even before you’ve begun to talk to them? There… Read more »

Office Communication Skills

Need to work on your office communication skills? Before you click yourself onto some expensive online communication skills training course, you may want to take note of this very simple and easy tip.