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Here’s What All Your Author Friends Want For Xmas


Christmas is coming. Authors everywhere have stopped writing their novels. Instead, they’re writing their wish list for Santa. But just what exactly do you get an author for Christmas…? Well, really, authors aren’t as complex as you might think. They like books. But what they really like, is books about books. And if you can… Read more »

Book Review: Julia Dahl’s Murder in the Invisible City

The brutal murder of a pregnant woman tears a whole in the peaceful Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn.  Rebekah Roberts is a writer for a daily newspaper in New York. She finds herself being assigned to report on the murder of a woman found in a scrap yard. But the religious residents she meets refuse… Read more »

Review: An English Ghost Story by Kim New Newman

The Naremore family believe they’re discovered the perfect home, where they hope to rekindle their family connections and strengthen their bonds. For a while that’s the cast, and the magic of the home is only made more magnificent by the strange presences in the home. But hostilities being to arise and the Naremore’s discover that… Read more »

Legend Meets X Men in Dead Zone

  Dead Zone reminds me of so many other books, and also films. It’s a lot like Legend, but also similar to X Men and Red Dawn. In this sequel to Black Out, a group of teenagers are infected with a virus. But it’s a pretty cool virus—one that gives the teenagers superpowers (see, I… Read more »

Michael Faber Pens His Last Chapter

michael faber

According to an article by the new York Times, Michael Faber has decided that his most recent book will also be his last. You can catch the full interview over on the New York Times. As for us, we’d like to wish Michael Faber all the best for the future, whether he decides to continue… Read more »

Remembering Saul Bellow’s Herzog

saul bellow herzog cover

In 1974 American’s were reeling from the horror of the assignation of the president John f Kenndey, an event that sent shockwaves around the world that can still be heard to this day. It was a time that severed the American spirit. The blooming 1950s were now well and truly dead. Fear permeated the streets… Read more »

Book Review: The Missing Place by Sophie Littlefield

the missing place sophie littlefield

Colleen and Shay are two very different women. Colleen comes from a wealthy background and is an intellectual, professional type of woman. Shay is the opposite: unsophisticated, rough but also very determined and tough. Usually, these two women would never even meet. But when their sons, who were both working on an oil rig in… Read more »

Baby Penguins: The Latest Books from Penguin Publishing

creature department

Welcome to our regular round-up of the latest book releases. This time we’re taking a look at what’s new and hot from Penguin Publishing. So, lets jump right in, bibliophiles.    Strike: Sylo Chronicles #3 by D.J.MacHale (@DJMacHale  / Author Site ) Strike (which incidentally has one of the best fiction covers I’ve ever seen) is… Read more »

Norman Lear Memoir Available Now

norman lear memoir book

Norman Lear, writer and producer with credits including Allin the Family, One Day At A Time, and The Jeffersons, has just released his memoirs through Penguin Publishing. In Norman Lear’s ninety-plus years he’s witnessed the development of TV and the movies, and was involved with the writing, producing, creating and developing over a hundred shows,… Read more »

I Am The Elephant in The Room: John Lydon and the Rest of the S&S Highlights

john lydon anger energy autobigoraphy

We take a look at the upcoming highlights from Simon & Schuster, beginning with John Lydon autobiography: Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored. Egomaniac John Lydon leads the way for Simon & Shuster’s latest round of publications. Lydon’s Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored is his first complete autobiography. Obviously, the legendary front man of The… Read more »

How To Market A Book Independently Infographic


source How To Market a Book Independently — Infographic Feel free to share this infographic anywhere you like. To embed on your website use the following code: <a href=””><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-56959″ src=”” alt=”how-to-market-a-book-independently” width=”750″ height=”2126″ /> source</a>

Historical Fiction Review: The Hour of Parade by Alan Bray

historical fiction review hour parade

  In The Hour of Parade, Alan Bray creates a truly believable and memorable depiction of Russian in the early 1800s. It is 1806 and Alexi Ruzhensky, the Russian Premier, is on break in Munich, Bavaria, having just fought in the Battle of Austerlitz. Ruzhemsky’s brother was killed by Valsin, a French Leiutenant, and Alexi’s… Read more »

Indie Book Review: Zack’s Choice by Harry Gilleland Jr.

indie book review fantasy 2014

Zack’s Choice by Harry Gilleland has a well conceived and expertly delivered plot, though it could use a touch more emotional realism to make its characters more believable. Zack’s Choice regards a young man with his life in front of him. Zack Gresham is about to embark on his sophomore year at university but first… Read more »

Charles Dickens Quotes from Bleak House and Great Expectations


Here are the very best Charles Dickens quotes from Bleak House and Great Expectations. I hope these inspire my fellow writers! I’ll be sharing more Charles Dickens quotes soon (they’re inspiring me on my next self published book) so be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter. Charles Dickens Bleak House Quote Bleak House… Read more »

How to Plot a Novel for Beginners in Writing

How to Plot a Novel for Beginners

For new authors, learning how to plot a novel, and learning the basics of structure can help to save a great deal of time. As many authors will attest, by getting the fundamentals of a novel’s plot and structure in place to begin with, you can save yourself from much heartache and unnecessary work. The… Read more »

How to Write Good Characters in Fiction

how to write good characters in fiction

  Knowing how to write good characters in fiction is perhaps the most important of all the skills that a novelist must master. The reason is simple. Of all the things people are drawn to, they are most drawn to other people. It’s the people, the characters, in the book which will attract people, which… Read more »

The Keys to Writing a Good Story, Book or Novel

keys to writing good novel lord rings

  Keys to writing a good story, book or novel   1)      Premise   The premise is basically what the story is all about. Though there are many different definitions as to precisely what a premise is, it can be widely thought of to be the overarching theme of the story.   The premise of… Read more »

Indie Book Review: The Lion’s Den by Marianne Morea

indie book review

The premise is less than original: another werewolf based paranormal romance, the kind of story of which the world has had more than enough since Twilight. But then, it’s what sells, and should the author write well enough within the genre, there is still plenty of room for a unique and entertaining read. The big… Read more »

Indie Book Review: The Game Is Life by Terry Schott

indie book review game life

The Game is Life The Game of Life is, in many ways, the quintessential indie book. As is the case with a great many indie books, The Game is Life presents an interesting and entertaining read, but could use a little bit of a polish. Let’s start with the positives; and let me tell you,… Read more »

Ashes to Ashes Book Review

ashes to ashes katrina halle

Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror) [Kindle Edition] It’s been a busy two months for Perry Palomino and Dex Foray. Their relationship has reached a turning point, Perry’s settled in Seattle and their show Experiment in Terror has a new partner: ex-Wine Babe Rebecca Sims. But surely it can’t stay this good for long….  When… Read more »

Crime Mystery Fiction Book Review: Organized For Murder

crime mystery fiction book

  Kate McKenzie is set for success with her new business, Stacked In Your Favour, but when her first client, the rich Amelia Nethercutt, is found dead, the business venture she thought she was to embark on is turned upside down. Organised for Murder is set in a small town, the sort of place you… Read more »

Young Adult Book Review: The Avatar Battle by Chad Morris

young adult book the avatar battle

Young Adult Book Review: The Avatar Battle by Chad Morris The second book in Chad Morris’ Cragridge Hall series stars with Abby and Derick beginning the second semester at their prestigious school. When Grandpa Cragbridge reveals the Council of the Keys—a secret society of individuals with the ability to travel through time—bizarre occurrences begin to… Read more »

It Isn’t Cheating If He’s Dead! Book Review

kindle book cover art

 What a title! This is precisely the sort of title I’d love to work with on the self publishing and marketing arm of Why? Because it’s so darned SHAREABLE. Shareability is extremely important when self publishing online. The reason is that you want your book to go viral, and an intriguing title will get… Read more »