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The Lazarus Effect— A Terrifyingly Cliched Horror?

lazarus effect olivia wilde

A new trailed for Relativity Stuidio’s The Lazarus Effect just launched. Starring Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters, and Sarah Bolger, and directed by David Gelb, screenplay by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater. So, here’s the deal with the trailer…   The Lazarus Effect Synopsis Coming from the prodcers of The Purge, Insidious… Read more »

Steven Spielberg’s BFG To Star Mark Rylance

mark rylance bfg

Steven Spielberg has cast Tony and Olivier award winning actor Mark Rylance to play the titular role in his upcoming adaptation of Roald Hahl’s BFG. Mark Rylance seems to have impressed Steven Spielberg. He’s already working on Spielberg’s St James Place, a spy thriller, and will now play one of the most famous characters in… Read more »

TV Spot For Mocking Jay Part Scum… I mean One


The final movie in the Hunger Games trilogy is due out on November 19th and the Tributes (the nickname for Hunger Games fans) are going nuts. And as for the rest of us, we get to enjoy another story shamelessly broken in two just to make more money. It was bad enough when Harry Potter… Read more »

A Movie So Shite It Had To Happen Twice

avengers fall of ultron

Marvel The Avengers was a truly terrible movie. And now we can all look forward to the next installment: Avengers: Age of Ultron. WTF is an Ultron? No clue, and honestly, I couldn’t care to find out. The Avengers was such a trashy movie, with absolutely zero story. But apparently some people want a sequel…. Read more »

And The Daily Douchebag Award Goes To…


Today’s daily douchebag award has got to go to Frank Sivero, who played Frankie Carbone in Goodfella’s. In what is a truly stellar douchebag performance, Sivero is sueing Fox over Simpon’s character Louise. According to Sivero, Louie is a rip off of Frankie Carbone. Guess how much Sivero thinks he deserves to nab in this… Read more »

The Best International Films of 2014


It’s been a stellar year for international movies, and it isn’t over yet. We’ve sent out emails, asked for opinions, and created this list of the best international movies of 2014. In our list we’ve considered movies from all around the globe, from Iran to France, and everywhere in between. We’ve included all different genres… Read more »

Why Critics Are Over Rating the 2001 Space Odyssey Trailer

2001 space odyssey rerelease

2001 A Space Odyssey is set to be re-released on November 28th, and ironically, the same people who originally slated the film back in 1968 are now overly praising the rerelease trailer. When 2001 A Space Odyssey was releaseback in 1968, it wasn’t highly regarded. Many critics actually slammed the film. Pauline Kael called it… Read more »

Dracula Untold Review


Vlad The Impaler has come on a long way since his days as the prince of Wallachia back in the 1400s. First he became Dracula, then he gave birth to gay-ish teen heartthrobs who twinkle under the sunlight, and now he’s turned into a superhero thanks to Dracula Untold. (CONTAINS SPOILERS) Dracula Untold Stars Luke… Read more »

Movies like Fired Up


In our list of the best movies lie Fired Up we have selected the best crude, sexual comedies which fans of Fired Up are certain to enjoy. About Fired Up / Synopsis Fired Up is a completely shameless, unapologetic teen comedy about two high school jocks who want to score with the girls at cheer… Read more »

Back To The Future 4 Confirmed?

back to the future 4

According to an annoynmous tip-off we received in our inbox today, Back To The Future 4 could be on the cards. Now, obviously, being an anonymous tip-off, it’s impossible to say whether there’s any validity to this announcement. According to the tip off, Micheal J Fox will appear in the movie, but only as a… Read more »

We’re Watching Movies Wrong: The Positive Psychology of Movies


Wondering which movie you should watch tonight? Before you decide, we’ve got some interesting news that may sway your decision. It turns out movies are about a lot more than just entertainment thanks to the new science of positive psychology. Change Your Movies, Change Your Mind: The Positive Psychology of Movies Many of us have… Read more »

RUMOUR: New Battlestar Galactica Movie in Development?


An anonymous tip-off in today reported that a new Battlestar Galactica movie may be in development. Our sources state that “Ron Moore [Battlestar Galactica series producer] is back at the helm to create the new movie, penned for 2019.”  Given that Star Wars is likely to fuel a lot of demand for more Sci Fi… Read more »

Did You Know That A Private Investigator Was Called To . . .


What do you do when you’re disappointed you didn’t win an OSCAR? Apparently the answer is that you call a private investigator to find out just why the hell you didn’t win. That’s precisely what one public relations firm did when a song they were campaigning for failed to win an OSCAR nomination. It’s one… Read more »

Did You Know That Hitler Loved King Kong So Much. . .


Did you know that Adolf Hitler loved King Kong so much that he pounded on his chest to celebrate victories in order to impersonate King Kong? In fact, Hitler loved all movies involving dangerous wild animals, especially movies where a helpless female character was put in dangerous against a wild beast like Kin Kong.  

Did You Know That in Star Wars Qui Gonn Jinn Uses. . .


Did you know that in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Qui Gonn Jinn’s communication device is actually a Sensor Excel razor for women? That’s how the Jedi keep their legs smooth, folks. This is the actual Sensor Excel Qui Gonn Jinn used — > 

BRAND NEW DETAILS On Zack Snyder’s Batman VS Superman


Penguin, Zod, Aquaman and Catwoman all in Batman VS Superman movie?! STOP. ITS TOO MUCH! Today we received a tip off regarding Zack Snyder’s Batman VS Superman.  The tip-off is from an anonymous individual who claims to have been working on the project before being let go. You’ll have to be the judges of whether… Read more »

Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Details Leaked


Yoda, Boba Fett, Emperor Palpatine, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader all to feature prominently in Star Wars Episode 7. Today we have received an anonymous tip-off regarding the plot of Star Wars Episode 7. The tip-off seems to confirm some of the suspected details of Star wars Episode 7 while releasing… Read more »

Movies Like Act of Valor

Looking for the best movies like Act of Valor? Find all the best movies like Act of Valor in this list.   Movies Like Act of Valor Safe House Red Dawn Black Hawk Down Wrath Of The Titans   Here Comes The Boom Restrepo Tears Of The Sun Zero Dark Thirty   Battle: Los Angeles… Read more »

Movies Like Accepted | Movies Similar to Accepted

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