Dalai Lama quotes on Life, Love and Death

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These are my personal favorite 14th Dalai Lama quotes on Life, Love and Death, the ones I find most inspiring. Naturally, choosing these specific quotes wasnt easy as the Dalai Lama has said so many amazing things! I’m sure you’ll agree that these Dalai Lama quotes on life love and death are some of the most inspiring things Dalai Lama has said.

Dalai Lama quotes on Life

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 dalai lama quotes on life -- 14th dalai lama quotes 

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
Dalai Lama

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.
Dalai Lama

I am just one human being.
Dalai Lama

Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.
Dalai Lama

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
― Dalai Lama XIV Quotes

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

Within all beings there is a seed of perfection. However, compassion is required to activate that seed which is in our hearts and minds.
The 14th Dalai Lama Quotes

I think to a large extent whether you suffer depends on how you respond to a given situation.
Dalai Lama Quotes

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As a brief interlude, here are my personal favorite top 5 Dalai Lama books 

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1) The Art of Happiness 


14th Dalai Lama Quotes on Love

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

Dalai Lama quotes

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

“Love is the absence of judgment.”
― Dalai Lama XIV
The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis.
Dalai Lama

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, and forgiveness.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“Great love and great achievements involve great risk.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

Dalai Lama Quotes on Death

“Death is a part of all our lives. Whether we like it or not, it is bound to happen. Instead of avoiding thinking about it, it is better to understand its meaning. We all have the same body, the same human flesh, and therefore we will all die. There is a big difference, of course, between natural death and accidental death, but basically death will come sooner or later. If from the beginning your attitude is ‘Yes, death is part of our lives,’ then it may be easier to face.”