How to Make a Good First Impression on Someone


how-to-make-a-good-first-impressionIn this guide to how to make a good first impression on someone we’ll be covering many aspects of communication. First impressions are important. Some say first impressions are the only impressions. This is true to a degree. It is very difficult to change someone’s opinion of you after they make their first impression. That’s why you need to get it right first time around.

Making a good first impression on someone involves many different aspects of communication. In this guide we’ll be looking at body language, tone of voice, mannerisms and more in order to reveal how to make a good first impression on someone.



  How to make a good first impression: Time

It is imperative that you be on time when meeting someone new. No excuses are going to cut it. This person doesn’t know you. If you’re late the first time you meet someone they’ll think you’re disorganised and do not respect their time. Make sure to leave early. It’s better to get there too early than too late. While “arriving fashionably late” is a classic move at parties, it only works with people you know. To get your meeting off to a good start, show respect and be there on time.


How to make a good first impression by Being yourself

Remember that your first impression is going to dictate someone’s impression of you for the majority of the relationship, however long that ends up being. It’s important to be yourself. If you are not yourself the other person will get a false impression of you and you’ll either have to live up to this impression from that point on or surprise them at some point when you actually do act like yourself.

Adrenaline can unfortunately ruin your ability to be yourself. If you’re meeting a guy or girl you like on a date then you will naturally be a little tense. Try to relax so you feel comfortable being yourself.



hot-chinese-girl-2 How to make a good first impression through your Presentation

It’s important to match your personal presentation to the occasion. If you’re going to a business meeting you obviously want your company to think you’re professional, where if you’re on a date you may wish to appear friendly, attractive or some other quality. A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure that your image is showing the right side of yourself for the occasion.right thing.


how-to-date-a-busy-man-1  How to make a good first impression with Body Language

Nonverbal communication makes up 97% of all communication. This means that the vast majority of your first impression is going to come from your body language  First up, you need to make sure you have good posture. Good posture shows elegance, is attractive and looks professional. You’ll also want to smile (though not too much or you will look submissive). Be sure to look the other person in the eye when you talk to them (this shows confidence and interest) and nod occasionally when the other person is speaking in order to show agreement. There are many more important aspect of body language, all of which we have covered in :  but with these basics you’ll be stepping out on the right foot.



body-language-exercises-2How to make a good first impression with Confidence

Confidence is king. Thankfully, your body language can help you out here too. Make sure you stand tall and that you avoid any fidgeting movements as these show nervousness. Again, look the other person in the eye when talking and try to have good posture.



How to make a good first impression with Small Talk

It’s been scientifically proven that words are completely irrelevant in small talk. You can pretty much say anything you like during small talk (so long as it isn’t offensive). Small talk is the opportunity to just open up and get chatting, so chat about anything provided it’s somewhat interesting and suitable for the occasion.


body-language-cultures-australianHow to make a good first impression with your Manners

Manners don’t cost a cent but they’ll go along way towards creating your good first impression. Good manners might include holding the door open, not interrupting, listening to the other person and so on. Provided your basic manners are good you’ll do just fine.

This points are the keys to how to make a good first impression. Stick to them like glue and you’ll win a place in the heart of whoever you are meeting.  


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