How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You — An Easy Guide To Mr Shy

back How can you tell if a shy guy likes you?


how-to-tell-if-a-shy-guy-lkes-youIt’s difficult. Trust me. As a guy who spent 15 years of his life so shy I couldn’t talk to a single solitary soul, I know precisely how hard it is to start a relationship with a shy guy (both from the shy guy’s point of view and from the girl’s point of view).

It’s not easy. But with this complete guide you’ll discover the best way to tell if a shy guy likes you, along with some great tips for starting a relationship with Mr Shy.


1.    Don’t outright ask him or his friends: First thing’s first; the wrong way how to tell if a shy guy likes you is to ask him or his friends.  Shy guys aren’t comfortable about sharing their feelings, or about the idea of other people knowing about their feelings. This means you can’t just outright ask a shy guy if he likes you. Doing so will make him feel uncomfortable and will likely lead to him to becoming even shyer.

You also cannot ask his friends. Privacy is very important to shy guys. If he finds out that you’ve been asking about him behind his back (whether your intentions are good or not) he’ll likely be offended.

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