Intimidating Body Language Signs– Are You An Intimidating Person?

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Show intimidating Body Language by ventral fronting: Your natural impulse when you feel attacked is to cover your chest, privates and throat. It’s a logical defensive position, but it’s also a position attackers will look for to know that you’re scare of them. If you stand with your arms at your side unflinching, they’ll wonder why you’re so damn confident and leave you alone.



Show intimidating Body Language with Silence: Refusing to acknowledge would-be attackers by not speaking to them is one great way to show that you’re not concerned. If somebody has an issue with you, look at them briefly, say nothing, then turn back around. They won’t know what hit them.



Show intimidating Body Language by Raising an eyebrow lazily: Be cautious with this one because it is cheeky and will piss them off but it will also show that you couldn’t care less how tough they think they are. Just look up at them and raise a lazy dubious eyebrow as though to say, “Yawn. . . what?”


Don’t clench your fists: You don’t want to show any fighting body language. You want them to know that you’re above that, so don’t clench your fists or you may find they hit you just in order to land the first blow. Your best bet is to use neutral hand body language which looks unconcerned



Speak lowly and slowly: Keep your voice in control, speak slowly and lowly, as though you have all the time in the world.


Make them feel dumb: You can make people feel pretty stupid without directly offending them by very quickly making a confused face then returning to neutral. Remember, they’re looking for fear, if you look at confused at them then show you don’t care they’ll immediately realise how dumb they’re being (presuming they have the intellectual capacity to realise anything, that is).


Do what you would do anyway: Say you’re at a bar and a guy’s got an issue. If you refuse to acknowledge them and do the exact thing you’d do if they weren’t there (drinking, for instance) they’ll feel powerless as they have had zero effect on you.


Bottom line, don’t be moved. The kind of moron who has an issue for no reason loves to gain attention. They need you to look intimidated or respond to them to make them feel big. Don’t give that to them and they’ll feel about two inches tall before running off with their tails between their legs.


Conclusion: Intimidating body language is powerful stuff. It can be used the right way: to create authority. But it can also be used the wrong way. It can make people stop talking to you, it can make people dislike you.



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