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On this page we’ll reveal how to show intimidating body language for when you need to stand up for yourself. We’ve already revealed how to tell if someone is intimidated by you and how to tell if someone is trying to intimidate you with angry body language  , so on this page we’ll look at how to stop looking intimidated and how to respond to people who are trying to intimidate you.

Intimidating Body Language

Show intimidating Body Language by ventral fronting: Your natural impulse when you feel attacked is to cover your chest, privates and throat. It’s a logical defensive position, but it’s also a position attackers will look for to know that you’re scare of them. If you stand with your arms at your side unflinching, they’ll wonder why you’re so damn confident and leave you alone.

Show intimidating Body Language with Silence: Refusing to acknowledge would-be attackers by not speaking to them is one great way to show that you’re not concerned. If somebody has an issue with you, look at them briefly, say nothing, then turn back around. They won’t know what hit them.

Show intimidating Body Language by Raising an eyebrow lazily: Be cautious with this one because it is cheeky and will piss them off but it will also show that you couldn’t care less how tough they think they are. Just look up at them and raise a lazy dubious eyebrow as though to say, “Yawn. . . what?”

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    This quick guide to shy guy body language and shy girl body language will tel you everything you need to know about dating shy men and shy women. Shy guys and shy girls can be the hardest people to understand. They don't talk to anyone. They never open up about their feelings. And if you ask them a personal question they'll run a mile. Trust me, I know, I was insufferably shy for 15 years of my life ("Hi, Paul," people would say as I quickly ran away from them, lest I might be forced to actually say something. Sigh.) Shy people don't speak. So the only thing you've got to go on is their body language. But even their body language is confusing. The problem is that shy guy body language so closely resembles disinterested body language. Shy guys and girls can seem disinterested even when they're totally smitten with you. For instance, consider this example: a shy guy looks at a girl he’s attracted to then suddenly looks away. Many women would take this to mean he doesn’t like her, which is what this body language would mean for most guys, with shy people it actually means the opposite: the guy is interested but afraid to show it. So, what are we left with with shy people? No words. Next to no communication. Confusing body language. But don't worry. Having been a shy person for long, I know how they work, and I'm about to share everything I know with you! People's Body Language shy-guy-body-languageOkay, so the body language of shy people can be confusing. But let's not allow that to get our spirits down. Let's go ahead and look at precisely what we can determine from the o' so confusing body language of shy people. Gaze: The gaze used in shy guy body language is the opposite of usual body language. A shy guy who is attracted to a girl will look at her often but will also look away anytime he’s spotted. To read shy guy body language by gazes, pay less attention to the actual gaze length (the length of time he / she looks at you in one go) and more attention to the number of times you spot him / her looking at you. In other words, if he's looking at you often but always looks away anytime you look at him, he almost certainly likes you a lot. Dilated Eyes: This is one body language tell that will stay the same for a shy guy as for other people. A shy guy or shy girl’s eyes will still dilate when they look at someone they like. If his pupils get larger when he looks at you, he's attracted to you. Smile: A shy guy will smile at someone they like but with a tight smile (their lips are held tightly together). This is caused by the fact that the shy person is happy to see the person they like, but afraid to open their mouth and speak. This can make them look as though they’re being secretive, where in fact their shyness is forcing them to keep their feelings secret. He can't open his mouth because he is afraid to start talking, so he holds hits lips closed tight. People's Body Language Turned Head Rather than Body: Confident people turn their whole body to face someone they’re attracted to when looking from a distance, but the shy guy / shy-mangirl will only turn their head while their body remains pointing elsewhere. Usually, their body will point to an exit. Think about it like this. His head is saying, "Holy cow, she's hot," while his body is saying, "I'm scared let's get the hell out of here."
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    backnext-buttonSpooning spooning-cats-hugs-body-languagemore-buttonBecause spooning has us wrapping our arms around a person from behind, it is a very reassuring hug that means "I am here for you, I care about you, I will protect you." A person who asks to be spooned is probably feeling insecure. back next-buttonFrom Behind Snug surprise-from-behind-hug more-buttonA hug we give when we are in love and when we feel close to someone. This hug makes the receiver almost fall backwards into the other person’s arms, creating a sense of oneness as the receiver rests their weight on the initiator of the hug. This hug shows that the hugger wants to protect the receiver as they are literally covering their back. back next-buttonAround the waste snug-a-lovin huge-body-language-meaningsvideo-buttonThe body language of this hug says that a person desires you. The intention here is plain and simple: get as physically close as possible. The person initiating this hug wants to be very intimate with the person they are hugging. This hug is made even more intimate if the heads are brought together, in which case the person wants to be closer together in mind as well as in body. back next-buttonPatting the back patting-the-back-hugBecause spooning has us wrapping our arms around a person from behind, it is a very reassuring hug that means "I am here for you, I care about you, I will protect you." A person who asks to be spooned is probably feeling insecure. back next-buttonMaster Body Language These are some of the most common hugs. There's a ton more to discover about hugging, though. If you love to snug and want to learn the body language of snugging, read my complete guide to body language. You'll discover everything you ever wanted to know about hugging, and more. best body language bookMASTER OF PEOPLE: YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO BODY LANGUAGE AND PEOPLE: Master body language with the world's most comprehensive guide. Learn to use positive body language: feel great, look great. Read people like a book. Available in all good book stores Purchase via this link and receive Master of People: Your Complete Guide To Body Language and People on iPhone, iPad, Kindle, PC and MAC. PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online. CONTACT: Customer Service is open 24 hours a day. Please contact [email protected]
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