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On this page we’ll reveal how to show intimidating body language for when you need to stand up for yourself. We’ve already revealed how to tell if someone is intimidated by you and how to tell if someone is trying to intimidate you with angry body language  , so on this page we’ll look at how to stop looking intimidated and how to respond to people who are trying to intimidate you.

Intimidating Body Language

Show intimidating Body Language by ventral fronting: Your natural impulse when you feel attacked is to cover your chest, privates and throat. It’s a logical defensive position, but it’s also a position attackers will look for to know that you’re scare of them. If you stand with your arms at your side unflinching, they’ll wonder why you’re so damn confident and leave you alone.

Show intimidating Body Language with Silence: Refusing to acknowledge would-be attackers by not speaking to them is one great way to show that you’re not concerned. If somebody has an issue with you, look at them briefly, say nothing, then turn back around. They won’t know what hit them.

Show intimidating Body Language by Raising an eyebrow lazily: Be cautious with this one because it is cheeky and will piss them off but it will also show that you couldn’t care less how tough they think they are. Just look up at them and raise a lazy dubious eyebrow as though to say, “Yawn. . . what?”

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