Lollipop Chainsaw: To Love or Hate Juliet

Written on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 by @Paul Harrison


Juliet from lollipop Chainsaw. You’ll either love her or hate her. is she just a cliched cheerleader or a character to cheer about?

Reasons to Love Juliet and Lollipop Chainsaw

She’s freaking HOT: All right. If this girl’s got one thing going for her it’s probably this: she’s hot. Who doesn’t love an 18 year old cheerleader?! And damn to Grasshopper Manufacturer sell that sexuality. On a sex level, Juliet has it going on.

She’s “In Your Face” : I love the “in your face” attitude of Juliet.  Seeing her cheerleader body decapitating zombies sure is a visual treat.

Her Clueless voice: There’s something so damn cute about a girl with a clueless voice. Sure, you might not always respect them. But let’s be honest about it, you can’t help but feel your heart melt (and probably not just your heart) when you hear that innocent and naive, sultry voice.

She Attacks People with Pompoms: Okay, so there’s quite a lot sexism involved in having this strong female character attack people with pompoms, and in some ways that’s wrong, but really do you care? Little design decisions like this make clear that Lollipop Chainsaw wears its heart on its sleeves and really help to give it its unabashed all-out candy cane feel.

She’s Hot: Oh, wait, said that. . .

Reasons to hate Juliet and Lollipop Chainsaw

Her name’s Juliet: Come on; calling her Juliet is so painfully unoriginal its nauseating. If you’re gonna give her a name just because Shakespeare made it famous, give her one that at least fits her character, like Cleopatra

She has no character: Just because a character is a sex symbol doesn’t mean there shouldn’t  be some depth to her character instead of just cliched visuals and a lacklustre story.

Her Dress Sense lacks Originality: All right so cheerleaders are a favourite, but they’re also two-a-penny. Whichever artist decided on Juliet’s dress sense certainly could have used a lot more imagination.

Overall: I dunno. To love or to hate. Based on sex appeal I guess you have to go with the love, but not by much thanks to a total lack of originality. Next time we’re given an unabashed sex object, can they come with some character and originality please? I like a bit of crazy to my women. Thanks.

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