Playing with Wedding Ring Body Language: Getting A Divorce?

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playing-with-wedding-ring-body-languageSeeing a husband playing with a wedding ring can be a nerve-wracking thing.There are many body language books out there that will tell you that this is one sign that you’re heading for a divorce. They’ll tell you that when a man plays with his wedding ring he is wanting to escape his vows and to leave the relationship.

The vast amount of “Pop” body  language books tell you that when a guy plays with his wedding ring he wants to get a divorce. BUT, they only say this create fear so you’ll buy the book. In this guide we’ll tell you how to know what this body language sign means and what to do about it. But to start with, let me ease your mind a little






body-language-wedding-ringmore-buttonIf you truly want to understand what this body language gesture means, you’re going to have to understand the basics of body language.
Body language is shown in clusters . A body language gesture only means something when it is supported by other gestures.

For instance, a person staring at the ground might just be looking at the ground. But if they’re looking at the ground while frowning and hugging their arms around their body, you know they’re depressed. It’s the cluster of body language signs that gave it away. The same is true when a man is playing with his wedding ring.


wedding-ring-body-languageFor instance, is he playing with his wedding ring and constantly refusing to look at you? If so this is reason to be worried. His heart may not be in the right place.

If you notice him playing with his wedding ring while looking at other women, that is also cause for concern as he may be wanting to escape his vows.

Then again, he could just be playing with his wedding ring because he is nervous (we fiddle with things when we’re nervous or worried and his wedding ring is properly the closest thing he can fiddle with).

The Answer


body-language-wedding-ringsNow, I know what you’re thinking, “For god’s sake what is the RIGHT interpretation? What is his body language telling me?’

The problem with body language is that people try and make a read on someone based on one gesture.

Be honest. When you saw him playing with his wedding ring you were worried. That’s 100% understandable.  And you were probably worried because you’d read or heard elsewhere that a guy plays with his wedding ring when he wants to leave the marriage.

But the truth is that this one gesture could mean several things, and if you REALLY want to know how to read body language, you need to learn PROPERLY.
Discover the Truth. Stop the Lies

Body language is the fastest and easiest way to discover the truth about your relationship.

As a body language expert I have (unfortunately) been in the position where I’ve known that a relationship isn’t working, when one person is lying to another.

It’s always hard trying to face the truth of a relationship, but in the long run it’s worth it.

If you want to know the absolute truth, you need to know how to read body language properly.

best body language bookThat’s where my guide comes in. It’s a comprehensive guide to body language and relationships which will tell you the truth about your relationship.

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