How To Use Body Language To Start Dating Shy Guys And Girls

Written on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 by @Paul Harrison dating a shy guy girl


Shy guys and shy girls can be the hardest people to understand.

Trust me, I know. I spent the first 20 years of my life cripplingly shy. People would just say “Hi, Paul” and I’d immediately feel nervous,l get butterflies in my stomach, and turn away.

That’s why I didn’t start dating until I was 20.

But since then I’ve learnt practically every technique you can use to overcome shyness.Since overcoming my own shyness I’ve helped tens of thousands of shy people to get girlfriends and boyfriends and to have successful relationships. I’ve also helped people like you to start relationships with shy guys and girls.

So let me help you out here. Let me tell you just how you can start dating that shy guy or girl.

The main problem with shy people, of course, is that they don’t speak. Because they don’t speak, the only thing you’ve got to go on is their body language.

But even their body language is confusing. Even though I’m a body language expert, I had to practically relearn body language in order to understand shy people.

The problem is that shy guy body language so closely resembles disinterested body language. Shy guys and girls can seem  disinterested even when they’re totally into you.

For instance, consider this example:  A shy guy looks at a girl he’s attracted to then suddenly looks away.

Many women would take this to mean he doesn’t like her, which is what this body language would mean for most guys. But with shy people  it actually means the complete opposite: the guy is interested but afraid to show it.

So what you’re left with with shy people is zero words, and body language that doesn’t work like everyone else.


But don’t worry.  I’m about to share everything I know with you.

shy-guy-body-language Let’s go ahead and look at precisely what we can determine from the o’ so confusing body language of shy people.


Shy People’s Body Language Gestures 

Gaze: The gaze used in shy guy body language is the opposite of usual body language. A shy guy who is attracted to a girl will look at her often but will also look away anytime he’s spotted. To read shy guy body language by gazes, pay less attention to the actual gaze length (the length of time he / she looks at you in one go) and more attention to the number of times you spot him / her looking at you. In other words, if he’s looking at you often but always looks away anytime you look at himhe almost certainly likes you a lot. 



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