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Signs a Shy Girl Likes You – Your Guide to Dating Shy Girls

backnextOn this page we’re sharing the top signs a shy girl likes you as we provide you with our guide to dating shy girls.

shy-guy-girl-body-languagemore-buttonBecause shy girls do not speak a lot and are very closed off about their feelings, it’s extremely important to be able to read the body language of shy girls. Thankfully, though shy girls don’t communicate much with words, their body language communicates a great deal. Here are the top signs a shy girl like you.

Signs a Shy Girl Likes You – Your Guide to Dating Shy Girls

Her Eyes: most people look at the people they’re attracted to a lot. This is not true, however, for shy girls. Shy girls do their best to hide their feelings. Because of this, they will actually look at you less than other people. If you’re attracted to a shy girl but find she hardly ever even looks at you, it’s probably because she’s very attracted to you and is worried about you finding out.

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