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Why You’re Better Off Alone Than With Someone Who Cheats

why youre better alone than with a cheat

No one deserves to be cheated on. And there is never an excuse for cheating. Sure, some people might say “There were relationship problems” or “I was feeling unloved.” So what? Deal with the relationship problems or end the relationship. Period. That’s the way relationships would work in an ideal world. But hell, this world… Read more »

How Smart People Have Successful Relationships

cat with bad posture

  1)      The Consummate Art of Shutting the F**k Up Me me me. . . that’s how many people think. Everyone loves to speak, but few people like to listen. And this ends up with everyone being frustrated: because everyone is talking and no one is listening to them. As soon as you actually shut… Read more »

Body Language of Women when Attracted


understanding the body language of women when attracted you’ll be able to tell how a girl feels about you in moments. This is extremely important in singles dating (real life dating, as opposed to on online dating sites). Thankfully, it’s fairly easy. You definitely don’t need a masters degree in interpersonal communication in order to understand… Read more »

Is He Flirting? These Male Body Language Signs Reveal All

male flirting body language

Male Flirting Body Language From Across the Room     If a guy is interested in you and standing across the room, he’ll show the following male flirting body language signs:   Accidentally bumping into you to gain your attention Moving chairs closer to you Doing anything to get nearer to you Looking at you… Read more »

How To Have Great Relationships In The Workplace

how to have great workplace relationships

People who have good relationships at work are seven times likelier to be motivated in their jobs, according to the Gallup Organisation. If you want to truly feel engaged with your work, you need to know how to have good workplace relationships. In this article we’ll look at the keys to how to have good… Read more »

The Body Language Of Hugs, And The Art And Science Of Snuggling


What’s your favourite type of hug? Spooning? The full body wrap around? Being snugged from behind? Maybe the full frontal cuddle is your snuggle of choice. Whatever your favourite hug is, it says something about you and about your relationship to the person you’re hugging. Take these highly popular snuggle positions, for example…   Spooning… Read more »

Books like Room by Emma Donoghue



Room by Emma Donoghue is a story with a highly thought provoking premise. It is narrated by Jack, a five year old boy who has lived his entire young life inside a tiny room where his mother and he are kept prisoner. Please skip ahead if you don’t want to read any more about the plot as I don’t want to spoil it for you. . .Jack’s mother was abducted and raped when she was nineteen and Jack was born two years later. His mother is naturally depressed and will do anything to escape their prison. But she will also do anything to protect Jack, but Jack, because he has never seen anything else, believes that the room is his home and that it is perfectly normal.

Novels and Books like Looking for Alaska


Looking For Alaska

Miles Halter is a sixteen year old who’s life so far has been a constant string of nothingness, with no girls, no trouble, no goals, no challenges, no friends; nothing. He seeks something a little different, a bit of excitement, a bit of life, something. So he leaves Florida and goes to Alabama. His roommate Chip is an impoverished student with a Napoleon complex whose existence is all about trying to get the better of the school’s rich prep students. He is best friends with the gorgeous and irresistable Alaska Young, whom absolutely all the boys are completely smitten with. She’s got it all. She’s beautiful, intelligent, classy and exciting, with an adventurous and risk taking personality that guys cannot get enough of. Chips and Alaska shows Miles the ropes, teaching him to drink and smoke and getting him involved with all sorts of elaborate pranks. But Alaska is desperately unhappy.

Novels and Books like Knight by Kristen Ashley



Knight tells the story of Anya Gage, how has learned that the only way to get anything in this world is to earn it. She has absolutely not expectation and no dreams. But then she attends a party and happens to meet Knight Sebring. He’s a man who knows what he wants and generally gets it, and what he wants right now is Anya Gage. Knight tries his best to leave Anya Gage to the sort of comfortable life that she surely deserves to have, but Anya goes ti his nightclub and knows that he will have to look after her. Knight aims to give Anya the best, but he is a man with a mysterious and dark past.

Novels and Books like Kite Runner


Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is the debut novel from author Khaled Hosseini. He accomplishes things that many more experienced author accomplish. He manages to provide an enlightening, educating and eye opening portrayal of the political unrest in Afghanistan while at the same time creating a staggering level of character development that truly grips the reader and leads them through an emotional rollercoaster of a story. And all this he achieves on his first attempt.

novels and Books Like If I Stay by Gayle Foreman


If I Stay

If I Stay is a story all about loved ones and family members. It is told in first person perspective by Mia as she is treated in hospital and looked after by all the people close to her. Not to give too much away, but Mia will have to make an extremely important choice before the end of the book.

Books Like Awkward



Awkward is the story of Mackenzie, a girl with issues. When Mackenzie was a young girl her father cheated on her mother and she blamed herself for the divorce and for the fact that her father promptly abandoned her. This has led her to distrust men in general and to be unable to rely on anyone. Mackenzie also tries her darndest to avoid any attention at school since she was subject to a humiliating incident.

Sleep More: The bizarre way how to make a girl notice you

[wpcol_3fifth id=”” class=”” style=””]   Millions of men believe the way how to make a girl notice you is to be super fit, to be Mr Confident “alpha male” or to get a load of money so they can offer the world. There’s just one teensie-weensie problem with this ideas: they’re hard work. If only there… Read more »

How to Get a Relationship: Magic Words

The power of words is the answer to how to get a relationship. . . Any relationship. Whether we’re top sales executives seeking lucrative clients, single men or women looking to create a relationship on an online dating site, or out in a new city and wanting to make friends, there’s a power to words that can lead us to great relationships. Let’s realise that power now.

Tips to Improve Communication Skills #1

There’s one physical characteristic that eclipses speech, physical beauty, fitness and all other areas of nonverbal communication for importance. That characteristic is good posture. No list of tips for improving communication skills would be complete without mentioning posture at least once.

Communications Problems in Marriage Resolved through Nonviolent Communication

There’s nothing abnormal about poor communication in marriage and should come as a reassuring fact. There is no need to attribute blame or to feel guilty about poor marital communication because it is normal. There is, however, need to resolve the issue in a positive and healthy manner. And perhaps the healthiest manner, is through nonviolent communication

Examples of Friendly Body Language


Be sure to make use of these friendly body language pointers today. By becoming aware of the negative areas of our image and adopting more friendly body language, we can present an open, likeable and approachable side of ourselves that will give people a new, altogether more positive opinion of us.