Touch Body Language: Touching the Face, Body and More

You can tell a lot about a person by reading their touch body language. For instance, did you know that someone touching their nose is quite likely lying, and that someone who is touching their hair is nervous?

In this article we’ll be looking at the most important gestures in the body language of touching. If you’re already good at reading body language, click through to the next page for our quick guide to touching body language. If you’re new to body language, read the introduction below to get to grips with the process of reading body language correctly.

Reading Touch Body Language Correctly

There is one big mistake that amateurs make when it comes to reading body language. The mistake is that they believe that any one gesture has a definite and absolute meaning. For instance, some people believe that touching the back of the neck indicated a lie. But this is not correct. To correctly read body language you need to look at clusters. A cluster is a group of body language gestures. For instance, someone who is touching their neck then pulling on their collar, then touching their nose is almost definitely lying. The trick is in the cluster: the group of three or more body language signs.

When you’re looking at body language, you have to look at groups. Look for three or more gestures and then find the common meaning. As another example, someone fidgeting with their hair while looking at the floor while biting their nails is most definitely nervous, but someone who is only fidgeting with their hair may well just be fidgeting with their hair.


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