Uncomfortable Body Language

Want to know if you are showing uncomfortable body language? Simply check yourself for the following body language uncomfortable gestures.

Uncomfortable Body language to avoid

Make sure yo avoid this uncomfortable body language as it will have many adverse effects of your interpersonal communication. To begin with, people don’t enjoy chatting with uncomfortable people. Secondly, there are a lot of similarities between uncomfortable body language and lying body language, so if you appear uncomfortable people may also (wrongly) thing you are dishonest. Just by getting rid of this uncomfortable body language you will significantly improve your image and your social skills.

  • Don’t fold your legs when standing
  • Don’t fidget with your feet
  • Don’t bite your nails
  • Hold your hands at your side and relaxed when standing
  • Don’t blink too much
  • Don’t cover your chest with anything, including folded arms, a handbag or anything else
  • Do not dart your eyes around the place erratically
  • If sitting, if you feel the need to fold your legs make sure you hold your legs in front of you and in view, not behind a chair
  • Keep objects out of your mouth
  • Keep your hands away from your face
  • Uncomfortable body language cont’d
  • Don’t chew on anything, including your lip, gum and other objects
  • Don’t duck your head down into your neck
  • Gesture with your hands when speaking
  • Don’t fidget with your phone
  • Keep your hands away from your neck area
  • Stand tall with your belly button and feet pointing towards the person you’re talking to
  • Look at the person you’re talking to
  • Keep your voice from getting too high


How many of these uncomfortable body language gestures are you guilty of using? Strike them out and you’ll be amazed how big a difference it makes!

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